A Tribute to the King

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I am so deeply saddened by the passing of Tony Bourdain. He was a special person who inspired so many food writers and culinary explorers, including me. Fearless to go anywhere, eat anything, meet everyone, Tony never minced his words or played nice to please his viewers. What he said was what he thought, both on and off the camera. His wry, sardonic perspective on the world was -- and remains -- the most authentic of any food expert I have ever known or read. He was a remarkable writer, teacher and the modern leader of global culinary discovery. This day marks a sudden void in the universe of food that, perhaps, will never be fully filled. Every food writer knows that no one could do what Tony did as well as he did it. No one. He was the gold standard to which all of us will always aspire. 
I cannot image the pain and sense of hopelessness that Tony must have been feeling, and hiding from others including his own production crew whom he loved and valued so greatly. My heart breaks for his internal suffering even more than my immense sadness in his passing.... Rest in peace, Tony, I will miss you and forever think of you.  

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