Who is the Foodwalker?






Kevin F. Cox is a Culinary Explorer, Writer and Freelance Photographer for magazines and websites in the US and Asia. He believes that the origin of the world's great food is the street or humble kitchen -- usually involving wood or charcoal only inches from the ground. And he has learned that food usually tastes best when eaten with your hands in front of the person who made it.  For five years Kevin roamed Singapore’s heartlands, eating his way through Asia and making it his home and its food his obsession. Since 2009 he has had published over one hundred Food & Travel articles and restaurant reviews and several hundred photographs. He is the author of four editions of the Food & Dining section in the acclaimed Living In Singapore guidebooks and has lectured extensively and guided food tours in Singapore and Chile.

Kevin currently resides in Santiago, Chile where he explores South American cuisine from the Andes to the ocean. He loves to get low to the ground and experience how people live and what they eat, searching for authenticity in the food, and passion by those who make it.

Kevin's goal is to experience the world's great food and capture it in words and images to share with others. His two culinary exploration rules are 1) eat until you're afraid, and 2) never be afraid. 

It isn't always pretty, but it's always interesting....


To see Kevin's Curriculum Vitae, please click HERE to view and download.

Kevin photographs most of his culinary explorations with a Nikon D600, an iPhone 7s+ and a GoPro Hero 4. Unless otherwise credited or protected, all photographs and videos on this site are created by him and are the exclusive property and copywrite of Kevin F. Cox. Express permission is required to use any of the images or content on this site.